Duration of Therapy

The duration of therapy depends on the individual, the difficulties they are facing and the skills they already have. However, Sue's aim is to start to make a real difference in the first session.

Sue has dramatically reduced depression, phobias, panic and anxiety attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within just a few sessions, sometimes even in a single session. To conquer a serious depression, several sessions may be needed.

Sue encourages and enables her clients to make a difference today in the way that they feel and to impact on how they will feel tomorrow, rather than going over the past. This means that her clients don't need the traditional type of on-going therapy. (One of the main principles of psychodynamic therapy is to go over the past in order to understand why clients feel bad, although recent research has shown that going over and over the past can actually deepen depression.)

Signs of progress and improvement

At the first session, Sue is careful to establish what her clients wish the therapy to achieve. The client's aims are discussed and goals established. It is of course important to measure the client's progress towards these targets.

For example, Sue might ask a client suffering from anxiety or depression to put themselves on a scale of 1-10 at the beginning and at the end of the session. Her clients can then easily measure the improvements they have made during each session and also of course in between sessions.

Without this framework, other therapies can be in danger of going on indefinitely; with Human Givens therapy, we know when we've got there.

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