Sessions and Charges

The expected number of sessions

This depends on your particular situation, but you certainly wouldn't be expecting to be in therapy for months or even weeks. If I don't make a real difference during the first session, I would have failed. Without exception, every client has left a session feeling better than when they walked in.

I will probably ask you to do some "homework", if you feel able. Doing an assignment in your own time keeps you focused and reduces the number of sessions you might otherwise need.

Also, having taken brief notes during the therapy session, I will then send you a copy of these notes within a couple of days (by post or by email). This provides a record of what was discussed, what improvements you noticed, your progress towards your original goals, and any "homework" to do between sessions.

The length of each session

Many therapists stick rigidly to a 50 minute session. I don't work that way normally an hour or so is fine, but sometimes you might need two hours or even more.

The cost

I believe effective therapy should be quickly accessible to anyone who wants or needs it, rather than available only to those who can afford private therapy or can wait for an NHS appointment. So I work differently to most other therapists in that my charges are not fixed and each client pays what they feel they can afford. (And, even if your session lasts longer than usual, the price remains the same.)

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