It is not an exaggeration to say that my therapy sessions with Sue Goodwin changed my life.

Before speaking to Sue I'd spent the best part of 15 years throwing money at 'standard' therapy in attempt to beat long term depression. I'd concluded that I was beyond 'repair' as it seemed therapy only resulted in more misery.

What struck me from the outset about Sue was her completely different approach to therapy - she listened really carefully to what I said, took the time to understand the issues and then set about 'solving' them one by one. One of the most beneficial aspects of her therapy is the summary notes she compiles after each session which provide an ongoing record of her constructive and practical advice to help you stay on track in between sessions and remind you how much progress you have made.

I could eulogise for pages about how grateful I am to Sue for her commitment and kindness (I didn't mention how much fun her sessions are too!) But I'll simply finish by saying if you want finally rid yourself of the shackles of whatever is preventing you from living a happy and fulfilled life, talk to Sue and she'll make it happen for you.

AJS, Acton, London
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