Sue Goodwin

Sue Goodwin MA has successfully worked with clients suffering a number of difficulties including depression, anxiety, phobias and addiction.

As a Human Givens therapist, Sue knows that her client is the expert. So, she will listen carefully in order to learn about her client and to clearly understand their difficulty.

She will find out what skills her client has that they can use to feel better and, where necessary, Sue coaches her clients in various tools and techniques that will help them. Each client will have their own "toolkit" that can be used whenever a difficulty is faced in the future.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Sue.

A background knowledge of how human beings function, derived from studies in psychology, biology and mind/body connections, is essential for therapists. We should never stop learning.

This is why the Human Givens approach to therapy is so important. Not only does it have enormous cost saving benefits for the psychotherapy field, but it is an open and evolving concept that frees us to be more effective when relieving distress.

Extract from from the Organising Ideas series, published in 1999 by the European Therapy Studies Institute.
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